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hockey player living in russia. >> definitely my building was shaking, so i could feel -- i could feel a sway in my building, so it kind of sounded like a bomb went off. >> now, it's unclear if the meteorite hit russia this morning is related to that giant asteroid due to pass very close to earth later today. earlier i spoke to cbs news contributor dr. michio kaku. dr. kaku, i know meteor showers aren't particularly rare but how common is it to cause damage? >> it's quite unusual. usually on a given night objects the size of a baseball will burn up in the atmosphere, and these are the shooting stars and falling stars you see at night. however, this one was probably caused by an object as big as a car or as big as a house, burning up in the atmosphere at
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perhaps 20,000 miles per hour, 30,000 miles per hour such that you break the sound barrier and thus you actually land on the planet earth. these events are more rare however, they do happen and they usually burn up over the ocean. they burn up over unpopulated areas. this took place over a populated area, and, of course, scared a lot of people. >> indeed. now, we've seen video of windows breaking. we've heard reports of people injured. would the meteor have had to have landed to cause damage or could it have broken up before it landed but still have this sort of impact? >> yeah. many times they break up before they land, and by the time they land they're perhaps only as big as maybe a -- maybe as big as a typewriter. back in 1992 in peaksville new
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york, something like this happened and landed on somebody's car. it was the size of a loaf of bread by the time it hit the ground, but originally it was also probably as big as a house or as big as a car. >> should we be concerned that something else may be falling from the sky? >> yes. we are in the middle of a swarm of meteors. most of them burn up in the atmosphere. some of them of course are likely to land on earth. >> but people in russia shouldn't be concerned of something else coming down. >> unless there's a swarm of meteors. you know, there's a possibility it's even connected to the asteroid 2012 da-12. these asteroids do come in swarms, and an object the size of a house cannot be seen by a telescope. an object like da-12 is but the object the size of a house or car cannot be seen by telescope and it's conceivable it's part of an asteroid form.
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>> when you say it's conceivable it's part of an asteroid form it could have broken off the da-14? >> it's possible. we can run the video backward and see what the trajectory of this object was and the if it measures the da-14, then it bingo, you know it was part of the asteroid form and, of course, these cannot be seen by telescope and they creep up right behind you and catch you off guard. >> indeed, dr. kaku. thank you very much. well, meanwhile that pleasure cruise that went very bad in the gulf of mexico was finally over for 4,000 passengers and crew. the carnival "triumph" was tugged into a port in mobile, alabama, late last night. a fire in the engine room knocked out power for five days, disabling the ship, and turning what was supposed to be a relaxing voyage into a struggle against dismal conditions. as the "triumph" got closer to tl shore, social media sites lit up with pictures taken. what looked like pictures of
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tent cities sprung up on the decks to protect those who slep outside, their cabins too hot to bear. a working electrical outlet became a congregation point. some passed the time by expressing their frustration in bold letters. one scrolled a message on her robe to pay tribute to the employees that were also stranded on the boat. great crew, really working hard. while another summed it up this way. "ship happens." now, all of the passengers are off the ship and they're headed home. i ines ferre has more. good morning, ines. >> reporter: it was one of jubilation and relief. passengers aboard cruise liner "triumph" celebrated as the carnival ship was towed into port. for many, buses were waiting to carry them to louisiana and
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texas, but even the thought of a seven-hour bus ride couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of being back on land. passengers with family and friends waiting for them at the pier hat more immediate plans. >> i am hungry and in need of a hot shower. that's all i want is a hot shower. >> reporter: the troubles aboard the "triumph" started sunday when a fire broke out in the engine room. robin burgess saw smoke bill lowing out of the back of the ship and ran to the back of the cabin to get her daughter. >> i said we've got get out of here. there's a fire on board. >> reporter: for five days the passengers lived in squalid conditions with no running water, forcing them to use the restroom in red plastic bags. >> we tried to keep our spirits high by being goofy while aboard using a port-a-potty, basically. >> reporter: the ceo was here to
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welcome back the passengers and apologize. >> we pride ourselves on great vacations, and clearly we failed in this particular case. >> reporter: some were appreciative of the apology. >> i felt like it was sincere. >> reporter: but few seemed eager to take carnival up on the offer of a free cruise. the "triumph" will head to the shipyard for an assessment. one of the main complaints the passengers had was what they called a lack of communication. they said they simply weren't getting enough information as to what was actually going on. as far as the staff is concerned, though, every passenger we spoke with said that the staff did an incredible job trying to help out under very difficult circumstances. anne-marie? >> ines ferre in mobile, alabama. thank you. in california, the remains in a burned out cabin have been positively identify as christopher dorner, the fugitive former policeman. dorner lost a deadly vendetta against the l.a. police. teresa garcia reports.
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>> reporter: forensic evidence confirms what police suspected. it is indeed the body of wanted cop killer christopher dorner found inside a charred cabin near big bear lake. the identification was made three dorner's dental records. law enforcement engaged an intense four-hour shoot-out tuesday finally catching up with the fugitive who had been terrorizing police officers and their families for weeks. a sinal gunshot sent the cabin up in flames. the coroner has not yet given a cause of death. the san bernardino county sheriff says the situation has come to a close. >> we believe that this investigation is over at this point. >> reporter: authorities say dorner was carrying out a deadly revenge campaign upset over his firing from the los angeles police department in 2008. by the end of this rampage, police say dorner killed four people, two of them law enforcement, and wounded two others. theresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles.
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in south africa oscar pistorius, the double amputee olympic runner charged with murder appeared in court this morning. pistorius arrived at the pretoria courthouse to face charges he murdered his girlfriend. she was shot four times early yesterday at pistorius's home. police say there are no other suspects. this past summer pistorius is known as the blade runner made history as the first double amputee to compete in the olympic games. well coming up on the "morning news," spending cuts. we'll show you how the budget battle in washington could mean tens of thousands of jobs lost in navy shipyards. this is the "cbs morning news." lost in navy shipyards. this is the "cbs morning news."
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wyatt andrews has that part of the story. >> reporter: tens of thousands of workers just in the shipyards of virginia are at risk of losing their jobs because of the budget cuts. one of them is mike patterson, a pipefitter at bae systems. >> the major concern is the layoffs. when these jobs run out, there won't be any coming in behind them. >> reporter: so when these ships leave, the work runs out? >> the work runs out. >> reporter: the navy's budget cuts of $10.3 billion will fall hardest in the shipyards and involve the cancellation of maintenance and modernizations of 22 warships this year. what does that mean? >> it's catastrophic to our industry, to our employee, and equally as important to the readiness of those ships. >> reporter: clifford says some navy destroyers and cruisers will lose critical upgrades to their weapons systems. >> if we don't do that we are sending a ship out in harm's way that may not be as fit to fight as it should be. >> reporter: it's less capable as a warship? >> yes, because it doesn't have
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the current upgrades to fight the most current threats. >> reporter: the formal cancellation of shipyard contracts starts on friday. layoffs could start in may. but the anger of workers like mike patterson is aimed at washington now. >> if we don't do our job, we get written up for it. who's writing congress up for not doing their damn job? >> reporter: defense has said those budget cuts could be painful and now those warnings are about to get real. as for congress not doing their job, that won't improve any time soon. in fact, all of next week, congress has put etc. on recess. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. senate republicans blocked chuck hagel's nomination to be secretary of defense. another senate vote is scheduled for february 26th. the republicans are angry over president obama's response to the raid on the u.s. mission in libya. the president says they are playing politics with national security. well, straight ahead, kangaroo course.
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♪ here's a look at flat from here's a look at flat from some cities around the country. new york, part employ sunny victory breezy, 50 the high. miami should expect some thunderstorms. chicago it will be snow showers. dallas, sunny, 53, l.a., 50 dallas, partly sunny 53. l.a., sunny, 80 degrees.
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relishing a deal with heinz ketchup and another piece of the trump empire sold for a bargain price. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning to your, ashley. >> good morning, anne-marie. they remain caution ahead of this week's g-20 meeting. tokyo's nikkei lost 1% while hong kong's hang seng gained a fraction. wall street stocks ended a mix on concerns about a slowing economy. the dow jones industrial average lost 9 points on thursday while the nasdaq close 1 point higher. billionaire warren buffett is teaming up with 3g capital, a brazilian-backed private equity company to buy heinz for more than $23 billion. ketchup is the most famous of the heinz' 57 varieties. they're expected to expand the 144-year-old company too into a global powerhouse. heinz shares were up 20% closing at $72.50 a share.
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toyota will pay $29 million to 30 states and american samoa to settle a safety lawsuit filed by attorneys general. the lawsuit was related to allegations that toyota concealed defects in its vehicles that led to unintended acceleration. toyota has agreed to provide information to its customers in a more timely fashion. and, finally, the house lost big at the trump plaza casino and resort in atlantic city, new jersey. a california company brought the struggling gambling hall for $20 million on thursday. the trump plaza cost, get this, $210 million when it was built almost two decades ago. the new owner says they will make a sizeable investment in the property. and that is quite a deal, anne-marie. >> it is. ashley morrison here in new york, thank you. well, in new york the miami heat and oklahoma city clashed in a battle of nba title contenders. lebron james led the heat with 39 points and 12 rebounds as the heat won their sixth straight game against the thunder, dating back to last year's win in the nba finals.
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miami beat oklahoma city, 110-100. and now to golf and the australian women's open where things were hopping. kangaroos on a golf course, it's kind of common down under, but not this many. during the dry australian summer the kangaroos are drawn to the lush watered courses. might as well get them to pick up a few balls, right? they've got a pouch to carry them around. when we return we take a when we return we'll recap this morning's top stories including another look at a meteor caught on tape this morning in russia that's injured hundreds. ed hundreds. helping those around you. so when it comes to taxes, we're to help you. that's why we have cpas, enrolled agents and tax attorneys to answer your questions. helping you get deductions for uniforms, union dues and even the miles you drive for a job interview. you deserve to keep more of your hard earned money. and we're here to help make that happen. try it free at turbotax dot com.
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massive meteor shower. how the celestial event caught everyone off-guard. plus: a luxury vacation turned nightmare. hear from some passengers who were aboard the disabled carnival cruise ship. and chase and crash. several cars are smashed up in san francisco. what sparked the police pursuit and why shots were fired. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's friday
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here's a look at here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington and atlanta, 54 and 62, both cloudy. st. louis, partly sunny and breezy. denver, mostly sunny, 43 the high. seattle, 52 the high. here's another look at this morning's top stories. a meteor streaked across the sky
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during during near russia's ural mountains this morning, about a thousand miles east of moscow. buildings were damaged and more than 400 people injured, most by flying glass. and the crippled carnival cruise liner "triumph" docked in mobile, alabama, last night. more than 4,000 crew and passengers went days without power after an engine room fire. some passengers say there were overflowing toilets and not enough food. well, there's new hope for the 100,000 patients suffering with retinitis pigmentosa. it's rare eye disorder that often leads to blindness. it's implanted in the patient's eye and is then connected to a pair of eyeglasses with an attached camera. the device allows visual signals to be transmitted by the brain giving the patient limited sight. well a former mayor of san diego who was the heiress of a fast food company has pleaded guilty to money laundering.
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maureen o'connor admitted in court on thursday that she took more than $2 million from her husband's charitable foundation to support her gambling habit. prosecutors delayed prosecution for two years to give o'connor time to repay the debt. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the aftermath of that meteor strike. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. [ female announcer ] ready to mix things up with lean cuisine? try our entrees, snacks and new salads. wild salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls and now salads, like
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this sunday john f. kennedy memorabilia goes up for auction in massachusetts. it's an unprecedented peak into the former president's world through his personal assistant. anthony mason shows us some of the historic items. >> reporter: for all of john f. kennedy's political life, from his first campaign for congress in 1946 through his presidency, dave powers was at his side. >> they were literally together every day. they traveled together on every
4:24 am
campaign trip. dave was there every step of the way. >> reporter: in the white house he was the president's personal assistant. >> we have his desk that you see in the photograph the sale that hung over his desk. the flag is right here. >> reporter: also up for sale on sunday at john mcinnis auction auctioneers in amesbury massachusetts, are the official banner that were flown on the motorcades, the pen that he used during the cuban missile cry circumstance and the president's air force one bomber jacket which has the highest estimate in sales, $24,000. it's hard to know what these things are going to bring. >> that's the beauty of an auction. >> reporter: but meter says of the thousands of items one caught him. >> i was going through file after file, box after box and i opened up the schedule. >> reporter: the official of the president's trip to dallas, november 22nd, 1963. powers was riding in the secret service car behind the president that day, taking pictures before his film ran out.
4:25 am
>> this was taken at 12:17. this was the last photograph that dave took. >> reporter: 13 minutes later powers' schedule notes jfk shot. minute by minute he would detail the entire day. >> 12:52. hospital. 1:00 my president is dead. 2:00 left hospital with beloved jack can. carried casket aboard the air force one. >> reporter: powers who went on to run the kennedy presidential library stayed close to the president's widow. there are some 60 letters and notes from jackie up for action, none more touching than this one. >> you open up the cover and read that. >> reporter: inside of the leatherbound inaugural speeches mrs. kennedy wrote, "for dave powers. the president was going to give you this for christmas. please accept it now f .
4:26 am
u and i will miss him most." powers' mementoes told the political life t d tragically a friendship that never died. anthony mason, cbs news, answer bury, massachusetts. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on that meteor caught on tape in russia. we'll get reaction. plus more on those passengers on the disabilitied carnival cruise ship who finally disembarked last night. peter greensburg tells us about the impact of that incident on carnival. and lincoln actress sally field. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. i'm anne-marie green. thanks for watching. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. it is friday! hooray, february 15. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 4:30. you like the way frank says friday! >> yeah! weather is going to be great. boy, you like yesterday, you're going to love today. lots of sunshine, a huge ridge of high pressure. what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> a live look at 101 near trimble where there is no overnight roadwork and everything is moving at the limit. we have lanes blocked near the 280/85 interchange in cupertino. we'll tell you mo where that coming up. this first story is out of this world really something. >> it truly is. >> no pun intended. >> it is breaking news from russia where a 10-ton space rock rocked a large region. a meteor streaked across the sky as people were heading for work this morning. take a look at that!
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there's already video of it on youtube. 500 people were hurt by broken glass. it happened in russia in the telubinsk in the u ral mountains east of moskos. people were panicked because people had no idea what was going on and some were worried it was the end of the world. most of the injuries were minor though but at least three people are reported to be in serious condition and there's also word that the roof on one factory caved in. can you imagine this? >> it's the first time i have seen the video. extraordinary! you hear about it but usually it's in the ocean or someplace you can't see it. incredible stuff. experts say it's just a coincidence that a meteor hit the same day an asteroid will have a close encounter with earth. they say the meteor is

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